Why We Need Your Credit Card

Why do we need your credit card information?

Hello and thank you for your interests in our auctions. We offer great products to buyers and complete solutions to businesses that need to move a large amount of assets in a short time frame. In order for this process to work smoothly for the buyer we have established a convenient payment method with a credit card. This way when you come to pick-up the items in two to three days, the payment has already been made and your items will be removed from the building by our experienced teams and released to you. We do not charge a service fee for paying with credit card like most other auctioneers do. We realize this is the best way to handle these processes where items need to be removed from a location by a certain date that the seller needs them removed. Since buyers can only get their items once their invoice has been paid, we concluded this is the best way in the buyers and sellers interest, and we do not punish the buyer by charging a “service fee” on credit card transactions. Good luck with your bidding, and we will see you at the pick-up! Your information will not be shared with anyone else and is secure.

Thank you,

Chris DiSilvestri
-Owner: Capital Choice Office Furniture, AuctionsNow.com, Storage with Options.