Unlike traditional auctions or eBay, is a completely different type of online-auction site. We offer onsite previews, and assist with move outs.  Our knowledgeable staff will assist buyers by consulting them on how your products will work for their specific needs.  We do this so that your assets will bring the highest value at auction.  Our online auctions will take many forms of payment including all major credit cards for convenience to the buyer.  Our goal is to have the best and most convenient experience by both the buyer and seller!

Please familiarize yourself with or website.

If you need additional assistance, our customer service team will be more than happy to assist you.


Wouldn't it be nice to be paid for referrals?  We do that!  Great cash for great sales!

Do you know a business that is getting ready to relocate, close, or is downsizing?  We have great success in converting referrals into online sales with our extensive network and know how!  You will be helping your referral by contacting us. We will provide them with the best solutions to maximize the value of their assets.  Our referral payouts to you are based on a percentage of our fee from the Seller and can earn you from several hundred to tens of thousands of dollars! We are discreet and professional in all of our inquiries.

Please contact our team to discuss how we can help your referral AND make you cash!


Liquidations are large complex events, and in many cases there are liquidators available who have their own unique way to sell merchandise, but usually only utilizing one technique.  At our methods create a competitive bidding environment that pits the bidders against each other rather than the Seller.  We also provide complete buyouts on the spot for immediate needs and a retail outlet where assets can be sold on a consignment basis. is very unique in that we have access to our own delivery trucks as well as relationships with shipping brokers nationwide.  Let our extensive team and knowledge work for you!

The key to maximizing the success of any liquidation is to provide the purchaser with complete product information and to conduct the sale in a manner, which promotes comfort, flexibility and confidence with the purchase decision.

Our use of online marketing, online presentation and online sales allows to provide solutions with unprecedented speed. Your project can benefit from our ability to quickly prepare and present your assets for sale in record time whether it is an immediate buy-out, retail sale, or auction.

Event Based Sales

Unlike eBay or craigslist, which sell a single item to a single buyer, is an event based liquidation site when an auction is preferred. Each event has a location, scheduled preview, closing and removal. Each event sells many assets to many buyers.  We can provide consultation to buyers in how your assets will work for them as well as provide delivery. Supervised Events

From the time you decide to liquidate your excess assets, until you turn the empty space over, provides the evaluation, identification, marketing, sales, transaction and site management to assure a turn-key, low impact success. Sellers only need to identify items to be liquidated (or not), then can independently manage every aspect of the liquidation process.

Self-Supervised Events

Clients with fewer assets, appreciate the flexibility to prepare their own inventories (utilizing labels and spreadsheet), and then manage their own inspection and/or removal.

The self-supervised event benefits from all the marketing and sales resources of, while reducing the cost to the client. An added benefit of the self-supervised event is that the seller maintains control of the production, sale and removal schedule.  This customer can also utilize our delivery service or network of shipping brokers.

Employee Sales

Many times, organizations want employees, sub-tenants or associates to have the exclusive opportunity to purchase assets. provides multiple solutions to assure the buying experience is fun, fair, efficient and appreciated.  Whether it is an in-house sale open only to employees or whole out liquidation sale open to all serious buyers, we can handle the job!

Bulk Sales

In some circumstances, assets are best suited for bulk sale, in their entirety to a single purchaser. can provide a sales solution that assures the Seller achieves the most commercially reasonable sale within the framework of the schedule and removal requirements.

Online Inventories & Valuations

The relocation, redeployment and liquidation process depends upon having accurate information to make good decisions. can quickly prepare detailed asset inventories complete with digital photos, description, manufacturer, model, serial numbers and location codes.

Reports are available in both spreadsheet and fully searchable online form, allowing clients from across the country to collaborate in real time to refine inventory allocation decisions.

The low impact and flexibility of the internet only sale, affords the ability to provide an infinite number of solutions customized to the unique requirement of our clients.


Does provide free evaluations of assets for sale?

Yes, provides project evaluations free of charge.

Can evaluate my assets without a detailed inventory?

Yes, having sold millions of items, most projects can be evaluated within a day or a brief telephone interview.

How long does it take to evaluate my project?

Most projects can be evaluated with a single telephone interview. Onsite visits, where required, can usually be scheduled within a day or two.

How can I send a spreadsheet and photos to for evaluation?

After our initial conversation, you are welcome to forward photos and spreadsheets by email.

Does provide a written appraisal for my assets?

No, project evaluations do not require written, line item appraisal reports. One of the many consulting services we provide are formal written appraisals, less formal letters of opinion and photographed asset inventories.

If you have a valuation project which requires detailed identification, valuation, strategizing and testimony, can provide detailed appraisal reports in as little as 7-10 business days.

Can I sell just one, or a few items?

Yes: Certain assets are well suited for individual sale. Value is the primary factor in determining the viability of a project. Examples of individual items suitable for sale include telephone/ computer systems, large generators, trucks, vehicles, full businesses, large grouped lots, large scrap lots, etc.

Can I sell assets from multiple locations?

Yes, many of our clients liquidate assets from multiple locations simultaneously. The online sale provides complete flexibility to sell assets on different floors, in different building or in different parts of the country.


How much does charge for online sales?

Our fees are flexible, and scaled to match the needs and resources of our clients.

Fees are a function of many factors including:

The total value of all assets being liquidated.
How many items are being liquidated.
The quality and desirability of the items.
How much time is needed before the items must be removed.
Ease of access to the items.
Whether there are any removal requirements.

Every situation will be catered to the seller's specific needs.  Our knowledgeable staff will make your liquidation operate smoothly no matter the requirements.

Call us today so we can efficiently assess your situation as to what will work best for your unique needs!


How much time do I need to have a successful sale?

The entire auction process will average 10-14 days. The highest value comes from auctions where 20 -30 days is available for liquidation.  Buyouts bring the least amount of money, but are guaranteed funds that are paid immediately and the assets can be moved within a day depending on volume.  Retail consignment may maximize the dollar on unique, highly sought after items.

Do I need to stop operations?

No, the auction is online and not onsite.  Your operations can persist up to the day before move out.

How does the process work?

The entire process is easy for you. We identify post, inspect, sell and supervise removal of your assets.
Whether supervised or self-supervised, the process is the same

Step 1. Evaluation will interview you regarding the specifics of your project.  We then will offer the best way to liquidate your items we feel will benefit your situation.

Step 2. Engagement will forward a letter of agreement outlining the details of sale.

Step 3. Identification will take inventory of your items. The identification can be done by either staff or the seller. Identification consists of preparing a detailed description with dimensions, manufacturer and model number, taking a digital photo and assigning a location code. The identification process normally takes between 2-8 hours to complete.

Step 4. Web Posting prepares the event details and inventory for posting to the web. Each event is featured by closing sale date and has unique terms of sale, inspection, closing and removal times. Most events are posted with 1-3 days of the identification process.  A link from, which is a website that draws in over 1000 businesses per month, will be promoted as an extra avenue for the Seller's assets to bring in extra value.

Step 5. Online Preview & Bidding
Once the event and assets are posted to the web, the inventory is fully searchable for preview and immediate bidding. Bidding could be as short as a few hours, though we suggest bidding and preview of the items over the course of 10 to 14 days. These types of sales can benefit greatly from prolonged exposure, marketing time and a longer bidding duration.

Step 6. Marketing
Our marketing plan includes constant contact to thousands of buyers, newspaper, blog, telemarketing, web promotion, online advertising and potential press releases.

Step 7. Inspection/Open House
Events should include a one day presale inspection or open house, staffed either by staff and/or the seller. The inspection is usually one or two days before the bidding ends.  On-site inspections will raise the amount bidders are willing to pay for assets of interest mostly with higher ticket items.  These visits by potential buyers will also allow time to consult them on how the assets will work in their specific situation.  This will greatly increase the asset's value.

Step 8. Event Closing
The auction will begin closing online starting with the first catalog item and continue with 3-10 items per minute until all items have been sold. utilizes a closing system which automatically extends the closing time on any item which is being actively bid upon.  Most events conclude within 2-6 hours.

Step 10. Transaction Processing
All bidders will automatically be processed for their purchases with payment information that was established when they signed up as a bidder.

Step 11. Removal
The removal is supervised by either staff or the seller. Buyers can come prepared to remove assets; also provides this service or can contact a professional moving company within its extensive network. Most purchasers will use our service or their own professional mover. Removals can be scheduled during the day, evenings and/or weekends. can coordinate and supervise all aspects of the removal with building management. Most removals require 1 or 2 days, either from 9-5 or 6-11 PM.

Step 12. Reconciliation
Once the removal is completed will prepare a detailed reconciliation with complete inventory, bidding history, revenue, costs of sale and proceeds disbursement.

Step 13. Landing
After delivery of the reconciliation report and sale proceeds, will follow up with a call and go over all reports. We would also like to know your satisfaction with our process and may ask for a testimonial.  Our goal is to have every customer become a raving fan of our easy to use systems and service!


How does keep track of my assets?

Every item sold has a unique asset number, description, location (integrated in the asset number) and digital photograph.

All information is posted on and can be viewed all day, every day. Items are added, edited, removed, sold, delivered and reconciled based upon the asset number and item description.

How will I know what an item sold for?

Buyers and sellers watch the entire sales process unfold online. In addition to the photo catalog, the sales inventory shows the current number of bids on each item, the bid history, the current bidder number, current bid and next required bid in real time.

Sales results are left online for a period of 6-12 months.

What type of reconciliation will I receive?

The final reconciliation report is forwarded by email and includes an auction summary of activities, a detailed inventory report with asset number, description, bidder number, quantity and cost, plus a full accounting of the revenue, cost of sale and net proceeds.

How long does it take to get paid?

Once the items are removed it will take 7-10 business days.

How does hold and deliver my proceeds? has an escrow account that holds all proceeds from the auction.  Final payment is made either by a company check or direct wire transfer.


How do I get started with a sale?

Call our customer service team with your contact information, and a brief description of your project.   We can than assess your situation over the phone, by email or set an appointment for a visit within a day.